How to Make Your Own DIY Pom Pom Heels


If there is one thing I love more than anything else fashion-wise, it's a slightly ridiculous pair of high heels.

I think it's fair to say that you'll never see me in a pair of nude patent LK Bennett mid-height heels (a la Kate Middleton).

To me, shoes should be worn to be seen and not to blend in with your feet.

My first pair of slightly kooky and quirky heels were from Topshop.

I was travelling around Australia in 2008 for the summer but that didn't mean that I couldn't check the 'New In' section of the Topshop website every Thursday.

I came across this pair of pink pom pom heels and ordered them straight away so that I'd have something to cheer me up when I arrived home.


I love a statement detail on shoes and this season it's going to be all about the pom pom... and I couldn't be more excited.

Monsieur Louboutin debuted his fluffy pom pom creations during Fall '15 Fashion Week; simple, elegant with more than hint of cheeky playfulness.

Chrisian Louboutin fur pom pom heels


My current favourite accessory is my fluffy pom pom keyring by Amelia Jane London. It certainly gets a lot of comments when I have to hand it over with my key fob for the gym. Losing keys in my handbag is definitely a thing of the past.


I think for winter I'll switch to the sky blue version of the keyring.


At a lovely blogger event last week, we were all swooning over these Brian Atwood colourful pom pom heels that Tatyana from Secret Little Stars had posted.


And it got me thinking...

Now, I'm certainly no shoe designer but just how difficult can it be to attach some pom poms to a pair of heels I already own? After all, I am know to be rather crafty when I put my mind to it.

Challenge set.

So, off I popped to haberdashery heaven, otherwise known as Hobby Craft to pick up some bits 'n' pieces to have a go at customising a pair of old River Island sandals.



I had a pair of white River Island sandals that I've had for a few years that I've pretty much worn to death and that could certainly do with a new lease of life.



I decided to go for a super bright mix of pink, yellow and orange.



Start at the bottom of the strap. I decided to go for orange first...

It really can't be as easy as glue and stick is it? Well, actually, it is.


49906065660414_origUntil it looks something like this...


Right shoe done, onto the left...


But why stop there? Your ankle deserves some pom pom love too...


Et Voila!


£8 and 30 minutes later


Party on my feet!


I decided to pair my shoes with my Missguided PVC mini skirt and H&M sweater.


The shoes originally cost my about £40/£45 about 2 years ago (at least!), the trim cost me £6 in total for 1m of each colour (although I still have quite a lot left) and the leather glue cost me £2. Cheap.As.Chips!

It took me between 30 and 40 minutes. So quick and so easy.

Of course, if these ones are a little too brightly coloured for your taste, they would work just as well with black and white pom poms or just a single colour if you want them to go with a particular outfit. I'm pretty sure you can pick up a pair of heeled sandals from Primark for £15/£20 if you don't have any old sandals lying around.

Hobbycraft also had a great selection of fluffy trim too. My next project will be to try and re-create these Topshop heels that I borrowed from my sister. (Thanks Toots)




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