Review: Dinner at Wudon

The problem with three women working together is that, invariably, at least three of us are dieting/adopting a healthier lifestyle etc at any given time. One particularly hungry Thursday our thoughts turned to all the foods we’ve been depriving ourselves of and two thirds of the office came to the decision that, after our not so exhilarating lunch time salad we deserved some real food.

Japanese food is a good compromise between naughty and good and we promptly hot footed it to Wudon, our favourite Japanese noodle and sushi restaurant in town.

Upon arrival at the stylish and contemporary venue on Great Western Rd, our stomachs were rumbling so loudly that we could hardly hear each other talk so we kicked off proceedings with some edamame beans, £3 and giant prawn crackers, £2.50 to silence the deafening hunger pangs and we washed this down with a couple of Diet Coke’s. We were, afterall, throwing caution to the wind, not throwing in the towel.


At Wudon, they suggest 2-3 small plates and a side dish per person. Small plates are perfect for getting a little bit of everything you fancy and this type of non-committal cuisine always encourages me to try something I wouldn’t normally go for. We decided to share a selection so that we could try as much as possible and hopefully satisfy our variety-starved taste buds. We started with War Teeps dumplings, £4.50 packed with pork, prawn and shitake mushroom and full of flavour as well as some delicious pak choi, £4. Both dishes were duly polished off. We also went for Saw Choi vegetable tempura, £4.50, which was light, crispy and cooked to perfection.



Sushi was also an absolute must so we opted for the Tori Katsu, £3.70, seaweed wrapped sushi filled with their famous katsu chicken on our friendly waitress’ advice as well as the Tobiko (orange fish roe), £3.30 and the succulent Teriyaki Beef, £3.30. All were super tasty and were demolished as if we hadn’t eaten any satisfying in quite some time.

After a little break to let our stomachs recover from the shock of a sudden and unfamiliar full feeling, the sweet menu was sheepishly requested. I opted for the Apple Tempura, £4.50 with vanilla ice cream whilst T went for the Toffee Pear, £5, served with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream. Feeling a little guilty, we were sure to leave absolutely no evidence that there had ever even been anything inside the bowl should the diet police have been tipped off about our momentary lapse of discipline.

As we were both driving, we sadly had to watch other diners drinking cocktails but we’ve already got our eyes on the Lychee blush and Manga (both £5.50) for our return visit when our cars will not be accompanying us.

With our appetites well and truly satisfied, we toddled off home to prepare our sensible salads for the next day, safe in the knowledge that we hadn’t fallen off the bandwagon in spectacular fashion… but already looking forward to our next cheat day date.


Originally written for i-on Glasgow May/June issue -

Photographs courtesy of Susie Lowe -

Wudon - 535 Great Western Rd, Glasgow, G12 8HN
Tel: 0141 357 3033

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