#RunningDiary – Week 1

If you happened to see my last post (here), you will have learned that I am planning I AM DOING the Paris Marathon on 3rd April 2016.

I'm going to keep a running diary for the duration of my training to keep me on track and also to track my progress. Psychologically, I think it's always good when you've had a bad run to look back and see how far you've actually come over the weeks and months. Well, that's the plan anyway.


I'm gonna be doing a whole loada stretching over the coming months with my Pro-tone foam roller (you buy here). I've always suffered from tightness in my calves but foam rolling really helps and I'm hoping it'll help prevent any niggly injuries.

FullSizeRender-24I always use Strava to track my runs (also Runkeeper too since I'm a bit of a control freak and if the run isn't recorded - it doesn't count!) You can follow me on Strava, just search for Victoria Martin if you want to keep and eye on me and make sure I'm not cheating.


A training plan is vital to keep me motivated and ensure I'm running the right distances. I'm following the Bupa half marathon training plan ( you can download it here) as I used it the last time I ran a half marathon (3 years ago) and it's easy enough to follow. I've picked a pretty hectic week to start as I've got a lot of work events on that I'll need to try and work my training around. Luckily at this stage, my longest run is only 30 minutes so it's not a massive time commitment.

So, without further ado, let's get running!

Day 1

Let the training commence. *consults training plan*


THOUGHTS: Mission Accomplished. Perhaps this training malarky is going to be easier than I thought.

Day 2

Actually need to do some running today... Damn!

TRAINING: 30 minutes easy/recovery


TIME: 31:15


SOUNDTRACK: The Workout Mix Album

THOUGHTS: Note to self: Don't try and calculate/convert how many kilometres are in a marathon whilst running... it's a really big number!

Day 3

I normally leave it at least a day between runs but another run is on the training plan today so who am I to argue?

TRAINING: 30 minutes easy


TIME: 32:42


SOUNDTRACK: Calvin Harris megamix on Spotify

THOUGHTS: My legs are sore! But, the sky is blue and the sun is shining so I can't complain. I'll be dreaming of days like today when it's dark, freezing cold and miserable outside. Also, my playlist is making me think about hot Calvin Harris is these days... I wonder if he runs? Maybe I should pretend he's running up ahead of me to keep me motivated to run faster. "Calvin, wait for me..."


Oh hey blue sky


Post-run 'glow'

Day 4

Rest day. Although it's a crazy busy day with work events and there is a free bar at the event tonight - this will most likely not end well!

Day 5

Meant to do another 30 minute easy run today but I'm feeling a little delicate after aforementioned free bar last night... Oops!

Day 6

Today was meant to be a rest day but I need to drag myself out before work since I was naughty and skipped yesterday's run.

TRAINING: 30 minutes easy


TIME: 31:25


SOUNDTRACK: Rudimental - Home

THOUGHTS: People who stand and chat on pavements, see someone running towards them (like me) and don't move out the way meaning that I have to go off the pavement and onto the road to get past them are really pretty questionable human beings. GET OUTTA THE WAY!

Day 7

Was meant to run today but I was working early and had way too much red wine last night to squeeze in a run before work. C'est La Vie.

Day 8 (in my week there are occasionally 8 days)

Sunday's run on Monday. Luckily, I already run 5km so for my Sunday (long run) it was just the same as all of my other runs this week.

TRAINING: 3 miles (5km) long run

TIME: 30:31



SOUNDTRACK: 00s Party Mixtape

THOUGHTS: Reminiscing during today's playlist. J.Lo 'Jenny from the Block' song is taking me back to the days when I prayed I wouldn't get ID'd trying to sneak into clubs (underage) so that I could dance to J.Lo and drink Smirnoff Ices. These days I get offended if I get served alcohol in the supermarket without having to show ID. How rude?


How I'm feeling about today's run...

Week 1 - DONE!!


This week was pretty easy but good to get back into the running rhythm. I've had a busy week with work events so I definitely wouldn't have gone out running 4 times if I hadn't had the training plan to stick to. I've also been to lots of events with free drink this week, it definitely does not help with my running AT ALL! This week is a bit less crazy so a detox is very do-able and very necessary as it really makes it so hard to go out running the following day. I'm glad week 1 is under my belt and I'm looking forward (with slight trepidation) for week 2 and beyond...

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