#RunningDiary – Week 2

With my first week of my #RunningDiary completed, I’m onto my second week of training for the Paris marathon next April.

So week 2, what you got in store for me? More running you say? Okay, let’s do it!

Day 8

Meant to be a rest day… but it wasn’t as I missed a day from week 1. See last week’s #RunningDiary here

Day 9

TRAINING: 30 mins easy


TIME: 32:01


SOUNDTRACK: RnB Party Classics Playlist (Spotify)

THOUGHTS: My brother Michael is a bit of a fitness freak(!) and sent me this video of a running analysis to work out if I’m running right. (Right? I didn’t know it was possible to run wrong!)

As a result of watching this video, I took advantage of today’s ‘easy’ run to forget about speed and concentrate on my technique. Luckily it was a beautiful morning so I could have a look at my shadow to see what kind of runner I am. I’m definitely somewhere between the before and after running style in this video. When I tried to consciously kick my heels up a bit further (to my “butt” as the video says) and land on my forefoot (I have literally NEVER used that word before), I felt like I was going to a lot more effort and moving a lot slower so I think this is gonna take some work… Who knew running was so complicated?

Day 10

TRAINING: 30 mins tempo (i.e. at race pace)


TIME: 29:31


SOUNDTRACK: Ultimate Workout album (not recommended – it was rrrrrrubbish!)

THOUGHTS: Really tried to up the pace today so that I can feel a notable difference between the days where I’ve to run ‘easy’ and ‘tempo’, like today. I started off quite fast (got held up slightly trying to cross the road when ALL THE TRAFFIC suddenly appeared – how annoying?) and lasted about 15 mins at this pace. I just need to work on maintaining this speed for much longer. I did manage a few PB’s though which is always pleasing.


I’m kinda obsessed with Strava and was quite happy to see that I was half marathon race pace or above (based on a 2 hour race) for 82% of my run today. Who says statistics can’t be sexy?



I’ve ordered a book from Amazon about Chi Running. Not sure what that means but I’m hoping it involved running to Starbucks for Ch(a)i Tea Latte’s though… Doubt it though.

Day 11

Rest day – WOOP!!

Day 12

Upon reviewing my Bupa beginners training plan (here), I’ve decided to switch it to an intermediate plan (here) as I noticed it was four of five weeks until I’m allowed to run 10km (6 miles) which I can already, on a good day, do reasonably comfortably. I think in the long run (no pun intended) it’ll be better preparation for a marathon! This plan also involves a cross-training session every week too which can be completed using a cross-trainer, swimming or cycling – anything as long as it’s not running. I decided to use the cross-trainer in the gym for today’s workout.

TRAINING: 40 minutes cross training

DISTANCE: 2.63 km (is that ALL?!?)

TIME: 40:00


SOUNDTRACK: Chvrches – The Bones of What You Believe

THOUGHTS: I have this thing with even numbers. So I made my life more difficult for myself than I had to because I decided I had to burn 400 calories in 40 minutes… Tough!!



Day 13

Crazy busy day and working early so didn’t get out today.

Day 14

Doing my Saturday run on a Sunday. Meaning I’ll need to do my Sunday run on a Monday – another 8 day week, oops! Downloaded a Tabata app on my phone for my speed work today. If you haven’t heard of Tabata before, it is a method of training at high intensity for twenty seconds then moderate level for ten seconds and repeating in four minute cycles. It is great for improving your overall fitness levels and helps to increase your speed too (hopefully).


20 secs of exercise

IMG_2960 (1)

Followed by 10 ‘rest’ (jogging)

TRAINING: 30 mins speed work


TIME: 30:16


SOUNDTRACK: Disclosure – Settle (although Patrick Swayze, She’s Like the Wind managed to sneak onto this album somehow which was a little strange. I obviously had to change the words to ‘She runs like the wind’ to help spur me on!)


THOUGHTS: I did a five minute warm up jog to start with before starting the Tabata training. The Tabata app is really good as it doesn’t cut out your music like some other apps and is really straight forward and simple to use which is important if you’re trying to open the app whilst running (and trying to NOT drop your phone). I did my first four minute cycle (20 seconds sprints then 10 second jog) then had a couple of minutes just jogging (slowly) before starting my next cycle. In total I did four and a half four minute cycles (about 18 minutes in total) throughout my run. It was a LOT tougher than I expected, especially when you have to do a sprint up a hill! It was really tough on the legs too; the first couple of seconds of sprinting were the hardest to actually get my legs up to speed. Definitely think it will help increase my speed though on shorter runs.

Day 15

Went out for a couple of drinks last night but it somehow turned into a LOT of drinks. Damn you Hendrick ‘n’ Slimline for being so damn tasty! Was feeling a little fragile so there was nothing I would rather do less than go for a run. But run I must…

TRAINING: 5 miles/8km (long run)


TIME: 51.15


SOUNDTRACK: Workout Mix (Spotify)

THOUGHTS: Had about two hours sleep last night so I was absolutely dreading this and wasn’t particularly confident that I would even manage it. I took the first two kilometres super-easy just to ease myself in and was expecting to hit a wall but it never came and I actually completed it relatively easily. Could have done it a lot quicker than I actually did but I was actually just pleased to have managed to run the whole distance (with a hangover).


And, just like that….



Week 2 really wasn’t that bad at all but I need to start planning my week better so that I don’t have to extend my week and do my Sunday run on the Monday of the following week. It’s definitely getting a lot easier to make myself go out running as I don’t have the same dread anymore.

Week 3 – bring it on!

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  1. I tried to change my running technique and ended up injuring my knee, I had to go back to my natural strike. Hopefully you get on better!
    I had a wee LOL moment there as my nearest Starbucks is exactly 5km from my house, I run to it often for a chai tea latte!!
    You’re doing fab!! xo

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