#RunningDiary – Week 3

I can’t believe it’s Week 3 of my training for the Paris marathon already!

Day 15

Monday was meant to be a rest day but since I missed Saturday’s run, I had to do my Sunday on Monday. See last weeks #RunningDiary here

Day 16 

Just about sobered up from Sunday night but my legs are SERIOUSLY feeling it today.

TRAINING: 30 mins easy (or VERY EASY in my case today)


TIME: 34:33

AVERAGE PACE: 6:20/km (told you I took it easy)

SOUNDTRACK: 90s Classics

THOUGHTS: Doing my speed work on Sunday followed by my long run on Monday and then no rest day before my next easy run isn’t ideal! My legs are sore. I was glad just to get round the distance today, took it very easy as it’s a tempo run tomorrow and would rather save my legs for that. Another beautiful day though so it’s nice to be outside.


Day 17

Legs are feeling a LOT better today. Used my foam roller last night which always hurts at the time but you definitely feel the benefit of it the next day.

TRAINING: 30 mins tempo


TIME: 29:13

AVERAGE PACE: 5:23/km (nearly a minute a km quicker than yesterday!)

SOUNDTRACK: Floorfillers 90s Club Classics

THOUGHTS: So much easier today than it was yesterday. Reasonably happy with my 5:23 pace. I just need to work up to maintaining than pace over 10km now, that’s my next challenge. Can’t believe the difference in the weather since yesterday. Blue sky, warm and sunny yesterday; cold and foggy this morning. I actually prefer running when it’s slightly cooler but it is making me dread the winter months of training…


Day 18

Rest day

Day 19

Should be cross training today but I’ve decided to skip this and do Saturday’s workout instead.

TRAINING: 30 mins speed work


TIME: 30:20


SOUNDTRACK: Calvin Harris – Motion

THOUGHTS:  I’ve started looking at videos on YouTube of the Paris Marathon to try and keep my motivated. I also saw this photograph on Instagram so I’m definitely heading to the George V Hotel for breakfast the day after the race. Gimme allllll the food!


(Photograph Personal Shopper London Instagram)


Day 20

It’s my Birthday!! And I’m also loaded with the cold… Great!

Day 21

Dragging myself out even although I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself having the cold on my birthday.

TRAINING: 10km (long run)


TIME: 57:23


SOUNDTRACK: Vic Mega Mix Playlist

THOUGHTS: Started off pretty slowly, not exactly sure whether or not I’d actually manage the 10km today. My slowest kilometre was at the 7km mark with a 5:57/km pace but had a little burst of energy after this and picked the pace up for the last few km. Did my 9th and 10km in 5.24km each which I was pleased with. Think I would definitely have managed it in under 55 minutes if I hadn’t had this cold. Got another 10km run to do next Sunday so hoping for a much quicker time then. After all the nice weather we’ve been having, it was quite strange running in the rain today. Think I better get used to it though…



Now that we’re heading towards winter, I’m noticing that it’s not light until much later in the morning. I got up at 6.30 one day this week to go for a run to get it out of the way nice and early but it was pitch black outside and the sun didn’t come up until nearly 7.30am. This is going to be a bit of a pain during the winter when the daylight hours are really short as I tend to run in quite quiet/secluded areas which isn’t great for solo runs.

I’ve invested in this rather nifty little running belt that I can actually fit my phone in so I don’t have to try and squash my phone down my bra when it rains anymore.


Gaiazon Carrera Running Belt, £12.99  

Also been reading Chi Running which is all about perfecting your running technique to ensure that you don’t pick up any unnecessary injuries due to poor running techniques. I also can’t wait to get more into the mindset of visualising ‘a perfect run’ and tapping into my inner chi, wherever it may be currently hiding!


Danny Dreyer – Chi Marathon, £10.41

Now that I’m in the swing of my training and onto WEEK 4 (OMG!), I’m  going to try and introduce another few workouts into my weekly training using my Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (as I’m actually kinda missing it) to help with my core, upper body and lower body strength. I’d also really like to get back into yoga so I’m going to look into a few yoga classes over the next few weeks too as I think it’ll really help me stretch out after gruelling runs later on in the training programme.

And with that, I better go get my trainers on. My Tuesday easy run isn’t going to run itself you know…

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