#RunningDiary – Week 4

Week 4 of training for the Paris Marathon in April 2016.

I’ve started looking at flights and accommodation in Paris this week. I really want to go for a week and I’m thinking of trying Air B’n’B for the first time. If you’ve used it before (especially in Paris) please let me know! Found this photo on Instagram (via @FashionFrique) – not sure I believe the colours but it’s beautiful all the same. I’m so glad I’ve picked Paris for my first marathon.


Day 22


Day 23

TRAINING: 40 mins easy


TIME: 40:03



THOUGHTS: Intended to take it easy today but actually felt full of energy. Normally when I run in the afternoon I feel a little more sluggish but I felt like I could have kept running today. Managed a 5:13/km and 5:19/km in the middle of my run without even meaning to up the speed. On days like today, running seems easy, especially on crazy sunny October days… :)

IMG_3477Day 24

TRAINING: 30 mins tempo


TIME: 28.02 (oops, not quite 30 mins)


SOUNTRACK: Spotify Shuffle

THOUGHTS: Still loaded with the cold but really wanted to push to do a good 5km time today. Managed my 5km in 26:04 so I’m determined to do this under 25 mins in the next few weeks.


Day 25

Was meant to do 40 mins cross training but I didn’t get to the gym. My bad.

Day 26

TRAINING: 30 mins speed work


TIME: 28.59


SOUNTRACK: Kings of Leon – Because of the Times

THOUGHTS: Used my Tabata app again and increased the number of four minute cycles and decreased the recovery between sets to one minute instead of two. I’ve noticed a big improvement in my tempo runs and think is definitely due to the fact I’ve added speed work into my training runs. It’s becoming easier to get myself sprinting again after my ten second recovery jog, my legs are obviously getting a bit more used to the change in tempo. Pushed myself quite a bit today so I’m not exactly looking forward to my 10km tomorrow, hope I didn’t over do it!


Love this Tabata app, it’s free and has made a huge difference to my running

Day 27

TRAINING: 10km long run


TIME: 54:45


SOUNDTRACK: Running playlist – Spotify

THOUGHTS: The first 2km were TOUGH! I had a stitch and really thought about just turning back and attempting the 10km again tomorrow. Then I thought about how annoyed I’d be with myself if I didn’t at least attempt it, even if I had to end up walking home. Almost immediately after I decided I was NOT turning back, my stitch disappeared and I started to feel much better about the 10km. I really wanted to beat last week’s time of 57:23, even if it was by a second! By the time I got to about the 8km mark, I knew if I really pushed myself, I could do it under 55 minutes and I eventually managed it in 54:45.



It’s the little goals that keep me motivated


This week I’ve been loaded with the cold this week (which almost NEVER happens to me) but I was determined that it wasn’t going to get in the way of my training. I knew that if I even took a couple of days off, it would be so much harder to get back into it again. I also deliberately went out running after work on Saturday and Sunday later on in the afternoon. Early morning runs in the dark winter isn’t going to be a possibility so I need to get used to doing runs later on in the day. This is more of a mental obstacle to overcome than a physical one to be honest. The longer I’m awake, the longer I have to find an excuse NOT to go out running when I get home from work so I’m glad I managed both afternoon runs at the weekend. Now that I’ve done a 10km under 55 minutes (which was my first challenge to myself), I want to do it under 53 minutes by the end of October and under 50 minutes by the end of November. My speed work using my Tabata app has definitely helped improve my times so I’m really glad I’ve started this type of training.

My first four weeks are done! I’ve been happy with my consistency levels and the fact that I’ve actually stuck to the training plan but it also makes realise how far I’ve still got to go! BUT, I have 25 weeks to figure out how the hell I’m going to run 26 miles without dying… Fingers crossed!

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