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The one thing that motivates me to workout nearly as much all the 'fitspo' accounts I follow (okay, stalk) on Instagram is some new, shiny, bright (neon) sportswear.

I'm having a bit of a coral moment just now and, as I'm trying to increase my running distances and improve my time, I definitely need to invest in some good trainers. I spotted these Nike Flyknit 4.0 trainers in a magazine a few months ago so I think I might need to treat myself. At £110 I'm expecting to immediately knock at least 10 seconds per km off my time.


I've also been on a little spending spree at one of my favourite sportswear ranges.

Since it launched a few years ago, I've been wearing H&M's sportswear range constantly as the prices are really reasonable, the colours are great and the quality is excellent too.

I have loads of these race back tops in every colour and they keep their shape really well and also wash really well too. I've had some of them for over a year and they are still in great condition. At only £7.99, I've more than had my money's worth from them.



The sports bras by H&M are really good as well and give you good support and look a LOT prettier than some other sports bras around. Again, they are excellent value for money. I absolutely LOVE this leopard print design.



Not to be a bore, but again, the H&M running trousers are amazing and I much prefer these to any of my Nike or Adidas ones. I went for these black with pink trim leggings and they are super comfy.


I'm currently doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and I'm on the second 12 week programme (BBG 2.0) and I'm really enjoying the challenge. The exercises are extremely tough but the entire workout only takes 28 minutes in total which makes it easier to push yourself until the end (or death - whatever comes first).

Combining my running with the BBG workouts has been tough and my legs are constantly sore. However, I've recently started using a foam roller at the gym and have found that it makes a HUGE difference to my muscle recovery. My calves especially are really prone to feeling tight after running and they definitely don't feel as heavy after I've used the foam roller. I have this Pro-Tone trigger point foam roller for using at home and it really helps my legs so much. I also use it on my lower back too and it really helps ease any back pain.


It turns out getting my workout style on point is the easy part though and unfortunately, you can't buy the 'fitspo' body online too. Ah well, back to the gym it is...

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