Top 5 Healthy Places to Eat in Glasgow

Life can be pretty tough for a girl who’s trying to be super healthy but who is also a bit of a social butterfly.

Eating out on a regular basis brings with it so much unhealthy temptation that it can make it really tough to stick to any kind of clean eating plan.

After quite a lot of practice (and an equal amount of slip-ups) I think I’ve just about cracked eating out and not completely screwing up my diet.

Luckily, Glasgow now has a decent amount of dining options that are either really healthy OR have a reasonable amount of healthy options to chose from on the menu.

Here are my top picks for delicious but nutritious eating in Glasgow:

Juice Garden

I have so much love for Juice Garden (and their ‘Healthy is the new Sexy’ strapline – very clever). My regular branch is the bright, vibrant and always lively (i.e great for people watching by the window) Byres Road Juice Garden. The healthy eating concept has been fully embraced at JG, from the huge selection of freshly made juices to their excellent choice of sandwiches and salads for a quick bite on the run to their beautifully presented and delicious main meals. They also have a seriously appetising range of raw cakes which are dairy free, soy free, gluten free and have no nasty refined sugar in them either. Guilt-free or what?

They cater superbly for vegetarians, vegans and for food intolerances such as gluten intolerant. I’ve had the gluten-free bread on a few occasions and it is delicious.

I really must get round to trying on of their juice cleanses too and see how hard it is to cope without food for a few days… (Speaking of food, make sure you give the sweet potato fries a whirl… you can thank me later.)


The succulent chicken with asparagus and sweet potato mash


Obligatory ‘helfie’ (healthy selfie)


Chicken, spinach and avocado sandwich on gluten free bread

Juice Garden, 223 Byres Rd, G12 8UD,

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm, Saturday: 10am – 8pm, Sunday: 10am – 6pm


I’ve only been to Martha’s a few times (mainly due to the fact it closes at 6pm and I’m more of a dinner than lunch kinda gal) but the quality of the food has been excellent on each occasion.

Again, it’s great to see somewhere doing so well (it’s always mobbed) where the emphasis is on good quality, freshly made, delicious food that also happens to be healthy. After all, healthy needn’t be dull and unappetising.

I think the nutritional key on the extensive menu detailing if something is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly etc is really handy and I’ve heard all kinds of good things about the Red Dragon Pork so I really must make a point of going back soon to try it.


Chipotle chicken


Martha’s, 142A St Vincent St, G2 5LQ, 0141 248 9771

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 7.30am – 6pm, Saturday: 9am – 4pm

Yo! Sushi

I swithered about whether or not to include a big chain such as Yo! Sushi on my list as it’s not exactly Glasgow specific but it really is SO easy to be healthy there without feeling like you’re on a diet that I had to include it.

If you’re going sans-carbs obviously sushi itself is out the window but their sashimi plates are ridiculously good. The miso soup is also a must and the Kaiso salad is packed full of flavour and will fill you up too. They make great side options to the Salmon Sashimi and the Tuna Takati. Monday’s are the best day to visit as every plate is charged at a blue plate price of just £2.70 – a total bargain. (The tuna and sashimi pictured below are normally £4.50 each) The Yo! Sushi in the middle of Silverburn is great for people watching (one of my favourite things to do along with shop and eat!) so it’s a great post-shopping or pre-cinema dining option.


Yo!Sushi, Silverburn Shopping Centre, G53 6QR

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11.30am – 9pm, Sunday: 11.30 – 8pm

The Anchor Line

Now, I’ll be honest. Even when I’ve been eating healthily in The Anchor Line, I have necessarily been drinking healthily too. But life is all about balance right? And they do say that red wine (in moderation) is good for your heart – so I can highly recommend the Montepulciano.

But back to the food. If you can resist the burgers (which are amazing by the way), the fish and chips (which I’m told are also amazing) and the lobster mac & cheese (which sounds bloomin’ amazing) then I would recommend trying the lobster salad with king prawns and also the Asian sea bass fillets with pak choi. Seafood is always a good option when trying to eat a little better and always tastes so much better in a restaurant than when I try and cook it myself, quelle surprise.


Asian sea bass fillets with pak choi, ginger and and roasted red pepper.

FYI, they also do a mean Hendrick’s ‘n’ tonic (premium tonic obviously, you’ll know my feelings on Schwepps tonic if you read my post about gin last week here) and the cucumber in the Hendrick’s TOTALLY counts as one of your five-a-day.

The Anchor Line, 12-16 St Vincent Place, 0141 248 1434,

Opening Hours: Monday & Tuesday: 9am – 11pm, Wednesday & Thursday 9am – 12am, Friday & Saturday: 9am – 1am, Sunday: 10am – 11pm.

Kember & Jones

The biggest healthy hurdle that you face in Kember & Jones is trying to resist the enormous meringues or extensive selection of cakes and pastries. And, if you’re going light on the carbs, the selection of freshly baked bread that you can’t have may make you weep. Or is that just me?

So you might be wondering why the hell a place that specialises in cakes and bread is on a list of places associated with clean eating. You’ll just need to trust me that the salads at Kember & Jones are worth putting yourself through the temptation of sweet treats for. The rare roast beef salad with beetroot, rocket and horseradish dressing is absolutely delicious (the beef is cooked to perfection) and I also loved the goats’ cheese (cheese is a good fat, right?!), sunblush tomato, pesto and pine nuts salad (pictured below) from the salad section of their menu.

Most places only offer one or two salad options (which always seem pretty dull and uninspiring) so the fact that K&J have SIX salad options (all of which sound equally appetising) definitely means that they are worthy of their place on my ‘Healthy Hitlist’.


Goats’ cheese, sunblush tomato, pesto & pine nut salad

Eating out and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be difficult but I personally find that having a look at the menu online before I go and actually deciding in advance what I’m going to eat makes it so much easier. That way, I only have to have a cursory glance at the menu before I order, thus cutting down the chances of me ordering something really naughty instead.

I’m always on the lookout for new places to try, especially if they have a great selection of healthy and delicious food so let me know if there is anywhere else I need to go next.

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